Spring in Canada

Stack near Sherbrooke, Quebec (N 45°21’4.750“ W 71°51’42.908“). Made of the only material available at the moment: ice/snow. It’s a nice thing to do, even at -15°C.


  1. darrell Antworten

    I love this stack, Annika !

  2. darrell Antworten

    In a year’s time can you imagine where the elements of this stack will have travelled ? That’s what is magical about your stack.

  3. Annika Antworten

    I know what you mean, Darrell! I was cycling along the Rhine these past 2 1/2 weeks. There is definitely something special about following a river from its source to where it joins either another river or the sea, always along or across borders which a river doesn’t care about and watching it change from day to day.

  4. Martin Antworten

    Nice cold and beautiful, THANKS = Danke,

  5. Matthias Antworten

    So poetic! I Love it!


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