Real High Wooden Stack in Hochheim-Germany from Sep/26/2015

-> This was a real High Wooden Stack in Hochheim-Germany from Sep/26/2015.

It happened just spontaneously today, when i passed by a „Spielplatzfest“ and saw the Kids FELIX, Klara and more building it.
Ok, i helped a bit, when it grew over 2.5 meters.
Then we made the „who can hit it from 10 meters with a ball“ – game, but the soon end of this wooden tower was a diffenent one … nevertheless we had some refreshing laughter too.

-> This was real fun creating Stack today in Hochheim-Germany Sep/26/2015.


  1. studio florian mehnert Antworten

    That´s the highest stack posted :-)
    Did somebody pulled out some bricks at the base at the end??

  2. Martin Antworten

    JA NATÜRLICH !! ein ganz schön neugieriger Junge wollte sehen was passiert ….. DAS war dann vorzeitig das Ende!

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