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It is easy to build a stack. The shape is traditional and known by every human being. Everyone is able to build one. Your stack will have an aesthetic, a symbolic function - and it´s your individual global stack! The stack stands for a symbol of the relationship between you and the people of the world. It is a sign of non-verbal accordance and non-verbal communication between every constructed stack - between you and the world! It is unimportant from which nationality or which cultural background you and your stack come. To build a stack means to do something to show your accordance and inner peace with people. Every stack creates a relationship of communication between people. To create your own stack is an expression of your inner peace!


The GLOBAL STACKS are a remembrance of the Culmination of Stones (stone directories), or made from other materials, that were used in the ancient Greece as markers for the roads. Today stone directories, can be found in many countries and regions of the world, mostly in mountainous areas. They are important to show the walkers their paths.
In several cultures the Culmination of Stones is used for sheltering the home of shaman gods.



The GLOBAL STACKS are remembering to the culmination of stones (stone directories) or other materials, that was used in the ancient Greece as a marker for the roads. Today stonedirectories, you can find in a lot of countries and regions in the world. Mostly in the mountains, they are important to show the walkers their path...

But in several cultures there are culumiantion of stones sheltering the home of shaman gods.


In France this is called a "borie". Around the 17th century bories were built as protection against inclement weather, while working outside in the fields. There are also some bories that originate from the 13th century.
Bories are common in the Provence region in France.



This the traditional home of the nomads in Mongolia and is used some to this day.



There’s nothing to explain here, everyone knows this structure...